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Suspicious etsy member [Jun. 12th, 2011|06:42 pm]


iloveetsyandmilkcaps sent me a  convo asking to trade for an item.  Telling her  this is  not swap bot ,so no thanks she did not contact me again. But ,  I remember seeing a similar name  either on flickr or swap bot being flagged as a flaker.  big red flag is she has been a member of etsy for  3 years and has  no feedback or  purchase history..
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2 bad sellers [Jun. 17th, 2009|07:56 pm]

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

I bought from 2 different sellers here on LJ and I'm really pissed about the fact that i haven't heard from any of them.

First is feverlights . i bought/paid for 2 sticker sheet on 5/27 it's now 6/17 and i haven't received anything, the last time i heard from her/him was 6/8 when i asked where my items were, she said she was super busy so i cut her some slack, but come on we live only 45 mins away fro each other!!!

here's the screen cap


Next is pearberries I bought items on 6/03 and they never responded since...

screen cap

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mehari/luminarie-lane [Dec. 30th, 2008|07:05 pm]


luminarie_lane aka mehari owes me $15. I know I shouldn't have preordered items from someone who had no feedback, but I thought what they hey, let's try my luck. Luck did not agree with me.

She offered a refund, I accepted, SHE NEVER REPLIED BACK AFTERWARDS.

Sadly, her account has no funds so I can't get my money back.

I'm so mad. She's logged into her Myspace account today, too. $#&%^#%*
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Watch out for Marta. [Jul. 14th, 2008|07:57 am]

Hello, I am not sure if this community has encountered someone named Marta yet, and I hope you don't have to!!! Recently (alright, maybe not so recently. Back in May.) someone named Marta contacted me, asking to swap. She offered to send "strange lip gloss flavors" such as cocoa, coconut, etc. I've never swapped before, but I was like "Hey, why not?" I sent her a package, but 3 months after we are now in July. She wasn't responding to my latest emails, and now, she is not active on Flickr anymore, so I am telling you guys to watch out!!!
She uses a lot of emoticons, and laughs a lot in her mails (Here's a quote about swapping: "it can be great ^__^ cant it? why dont we try???") . Marta loves lip smackers lip glosses and Hello kitty items. She seems sweet but you have to be careful! 

Her name is Marta Estrada Genovés, located in Spain.

I really am pretty sad at this point, but oh well, what can you do. : )
I've got an ''angel'' for this swap, so I have cheered up. :D
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SOME BAD FLICKR SWAPPERS [Jun. 30th, 2008|11:24 am]


  KawaiiAsian says:

"People please watch out for a girl named Haney Shan she is a flaker or liar she ruined my first swap I tried the best I can do...it was a 3 pack of sticker swap and she said she was a noobody and i am too .so I agreed to do a swap with her and she deleted all her photos which were made up. Un believable..."

MARTA  http://www.flickr.com/people/24871838@N08/

 she  owes numerous  swaps  to people and was already banned from  Swap  Bot. She   also emails people asking them to send her   presents and    all she says is" I be so happy" which to me is the rudest thing in the world ! The swaps sheDOES   send are   low quality .

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FIRST SWAP ON FLICKR= DISASTER !!! [May. 14th, 2008|06:48 pm]

   I am reporting  Ana  M*******A   who is  Cacao y Vanila on flickr 

I got invited to this group with these girls from Portugal. It is strictly CRAFTS & TEA . Well  I get stuck with this one girl  who has been leaving me comments, replying to posts etc, just trying to get   some kawaii stuff from me Via other groups. So when I got her   I was like DAMN !  She was nice at first.   But then she started asking me what She should send me and when ? I was like WTF ?  Why are you changing the swap ? IT'S A GROUP SWAP .  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SEND EARTH DAY THEMED ITEMS .   She wanted me to send kawaii  or at least kept emphasizing that fact . So I had to email the moderator ( really nice girl but she hates me now cause I  bothered her with this so much )    My first time ever doing a flickr group swap. I have heard such good things about the groups too ! Maybe doing one  with  Portuguese  members was my fault.  I still have to send to her, and couldn't get a partner change  . 
  I have ALWAYS  had trouble with  Portugal and Spain in swaps. Anybody remember Sonsoles Bueno ?  

OH!  did  I mention her swap was  rotten moldy candy, and  old seashells ? It smelled so bad, I had to throw it all away. 
So have any of you ladies has a horrible swap on Flickr?  And how do you feel about  somebody telling them what to send you  in a group swap ?  I was  always taught as a  child to be happy with what you get and say Thank You !

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YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT SAMANTHA [Apr. 30th, 2008|12:21 pm]

 FILE MAIL FRAUD  :D   If enough  people  filed against her, it would bring her case to court. and I am sure she would finally get the message.  And the feds would have their eye on her.

Here's the link.


Ok...First off...

Mail Fraud...whether your swapping or selling, you're entering a BINDING CONTRACT with another player. You have THE RIGHT to file mail fraud and can do so over the internet. What you did is steal from other people FG, I'm sorry but plain truth. They can and will file mail fraud against you for that. YOU took their HARD EARNED MONEY they SPENT on goods to send you. That is the same. Whether at your own risk, etc. Same with selling, someone could send you something at their own risk and it never make it to you. You could still file mail fraud for that. Swapping is the SAME As buying.

How do I know this? I have a very close friend that works and deals with the mail fraud issues and I've asked him a million questions on it all. And he has confirmed what I just said ^^ up there!

Here is the link to file mail fraud. I suggest you all do it. Karma will bite her back.

Ya know FG, I would have believed you when you emailed me to get my swaps out, be a penpal, IF and ONLY IF you hadn't have kept changing your names, then writing that you don't owe anyone anything and don't appreciate people angeling for you when you "went away". That didn't hit a soft spot with me and you get NO sympathy with what the mail fraud offices decide to do with you. I suggest you get on the ball to make people happy. I've seen what can happen when people get associated with mail fraud, it's not a pretty picture hun. YOU can go to jail for this, YOU can get fined for this. HOW would YOUR KIDS feel if they had mommy taken away from them for STEALING?? Doesn't set a good example does it??

Here's the link.
Posted 3 days ago. ( permalink )

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SAMANTHA ON FLICKR [Apr. 26th, 2008|05:49 pm]

    Thanks  kawaii_pop   .  Her new  name is    ILuvThisCrazySoCalle dLif.e.   She  never changes her profile so we know its her, and she  is  named Sammie. So, like  I always told people gilted by her,  message her and try to get  your swaps. She seems to  have sent  some   on Swap  Bot, but she'll probably give you her old sob story  of being broke . while  at the same time she was buying up half of EBAY
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alisalicious [Jan. 3rd, 2008|08:01 pm]

Fellow eBay sellers, watch out for seller "alisalicious". She was using one of my scans without my permission, and when I asked her to take it down, she denied she stole it from me (which was a lie, because it was a sticker sack scan, and the placement of the stickers in the sack were IDENTICAL to mine). It may not seem like a big deal but I spend a lot of time editing images for eBay so that I can have original ones and I don't appreciate people using them without my permission. She's also using scans from MyTarson and probably other sellers', too. Not cool.

I'd also beware if I were buying from her, simply becaise if she's going to be dishonest about the above, who knows what she might do in a transaction.
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2007|12:26 pm]

  has anyone ever bought anything from kawaiikorner on ebay? i bought a memo pad but i bought the wrong one by accident. i emailed them 3 days ago if they would change it for the one that i wanted being that it is the same price, but they never got back to me. However, they did have enough time to invoice me for it yesterday!! i know that a lot of people here sell on ebay, so is this unreasonable to ask? i just want an exchange basically however, they dont get back to me after 3 days, but they have enough time to invoice me 3 days later. i am kind of angry about this what should i do?

x-posted ATK
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