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YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT SAMANTHA - bad_kawaii_deals [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT SAMANTHA [Apr. 30th, 2008|12:21 pm]


 FILE MAIL FRAUD  :D   If enough  people  filed against her, it would bring her case to court. and I am sure she would finally get the message.  And the feds would have their eye on her.

Here's the link.


Ok...First off...

Mail Fraud...whether your swapping or selling, you're entering a BINDING CONTRACT with another player. You have THE RIGHT to file mail fraud and can do so over the internet. What you did is steal from other people FG, I'm sorry but plain truth. They can and will file mail fraud against you for that. YOU took their HARD EARNED MONEY they SPENT on goods to send you. That is the same. Whether at your own risk, etc. Same with selling, someone could send you something at their own risk and it never make it to you. You could still file mail fraud for that. Swapping is the SAME As buying.

How do I know this? I have a very close friend that works and deals with the mail fraud issues and I've asked him a million questions on it all. And he has confirmed what I just said ^^ up there!

Here is the link to file mail fraud. I suggest you all do it. Karma will bite her back.

Ya know FG, I would have believed you when you emailed me to get my swaps out, be a penpal, IF and ONLY IF you hadn't have kept changing your names, then writing that you don't owe anyone anything and don't appreciate people angeling for you when you "went away". That didn't hit a soft spot with me and you get NO sympathy with what the mail fraud offices decide to do with you. I suggest you get on the ball to make people happy. I've seen what can happen when people get associated with mail fraud, it's not a pretty picture hun. YOU can go to jail for this, YOU can get fined for this. HOW would YOUR KIDS feel if they had mommy taken away from them for STEALING?? Doesn't set a good example does it??

Here's the link.
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