Believe_in_me (believe_in_me) wrote in badkawaiideals,

The person who is starbrightshopp sucks. She said she was buying stuff from me and asked if I'd send first and of course I didn't. So anyway..I have yet to receive payment from her and she doesn't answer emails.

Also. Don't buy from She's scammed several people that I know of. She took 3 weeks to send my stuff and that's after asking her about it twice..she sent on the 2nd time I asked where my stuff was. Then on the order form that came with my stuff two items were stamped as 'out of stock, price refunded' which it wasn't and one item she plum didn't send. So I've opened a dispute with her with paypal but she hasn't answered. So yeah..that site isn't a place you want to order from.
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