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I know this is a buyers rip off journal, but I'm wondering if anybody has had bad selling experience [Dec. 19th, 2007|05:04 pm]
[mood |irritatedirritated]

If it's not ok for me to post this here I will take it down, but I was wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences with this person buying from you as a kawaii seller.

Also, it seems that I can only post bad experiences buying from or trading with someone in badkawaiideals, so this is why I'm asking sellers.
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MyTarson - Argh! [Dec. 9th, 2007|09:34 am]

I've debated over whether or not to post this, and I wouldn't consider it a "bad kawaii deal" as such, rather an annoyance.

Every single time I order something from MyTarson, what I receive is not what I ordered. I've received wrong memos, wrong pencils, wrong letter sets, and now, wrong stickers.

Yes yes, I know I should've stopped ordering from her, but she always emails and apologises for her "careless mistake" which I appreciate . . . so I think "okay, she won't do that again" . . . and then it happens again with my next order.

Most recently, I bought ONE sheet of stickers. And got sent the wrong sheet. Sorry, but WTF?

I could forgive once, or even twice - but now I've read on Flickr that other people have had this problem with her too. So I really don't understand. What is the problem? I'm seriously wondering if she just does a lucky dip. Like, "okay, this person bought a sheet of stickers!" and then picks out a sheet of stickers, any sheet of stickers, and sends it. It's crazy, and frankly, the number of times it's happened is inexcusable.

I don't want to neg her because I don't do that unless I don't receive anything or if it's not anything like what it's supposed to be, but I feel people should know.
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Papierex update... [Oct. 13th, 2007|10:55 pm]

[Current Location |Houston, Texas]
[mood |relievedrelieved]

Okay, so after more than a week after I filed the items not received from www.papierex.com through PayPal, I got my monies for the two orders I placed. I thought she would eventually email or something as I also had her paypal email given to me: cnminza at y**** dot com

Maybe she watches these posts and didn't take kindly to finding out people were actually GLAD to get their money back and happy to get the good for free too.

Anyway, the following will be caps, not cause I'm yelling but because it is important to say:

YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT GET YOUR ITEMS AND HAVE TO FILE FORMS WITH PAYPAL TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK... DO NOT BE LURED BY THE RARE AND CUTE KAWAII!!! It will eventually be offered someday on LJ, eBay, etc. Be patient or do your research. There's so many of us here and in many other kawaii communities should you have any questions or concerns about certain websites. Just cause someone offers PayPal does NOT make them legit. It just means you are sending money through a secure source. Also, if you experience what I did, don't wait and take your chances. File ASAP so you won't miss any deadlines and get your money taken/stolen.

Thanks for your time and PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM WWW.PAIEREX.COM!!!
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For those who swap on Flickr... AznGirl75 - be careful! [Sep. 30th, 2007|01:13 am]

[mood |annoyedannoyed]

I know this is a LJ community here but for those who swap or sell stuff on Flickr , be REALLY careful with that girl : AznGirl75. She is a total flake and a deadbeat too. She wanted to buy stuff from me and it totally waste my time! She asked me for pictures, send me several emails but after maybe 5 emails, she never replied back and never paid neither... I don't know if she has a LJ or swap-bot account but if you use Flickr, be very careful. She is a member of mostly all kawaii groups and she tried to join EVERY swaps too.
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Samantha S!!!!!!! Be careful ladies!!! [Sep. 29th, 2007|11:38 pm]

Samantha S. (the worst swapper in the kawaii world) is on the road again! She is now a member of Swap-bot (feariegoddess) and Flickr (kawaiiluv). She is my partner for a swap (DAMMIT!!!). She just started to swap and she has already a lot of 3 on swap-bot. Be careful ladies!!! This girl is a REALLY BAD SWAPPER!!!
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About Papierex [Sep. 19th, 2007|07:56 am]


I know (now <.<) that Papierex is mentioned here as a bad deal. And I have a question for the ones that have been scammed by her.

I bought from her about 7 weeks ago and payed via paypal.  Started asking questions after a couple of weeks, wich don't get answerd. Threatend her to start a dispute, still no respons. So finally I started a dispute at paypal and after threateting to file claim she finaly responds and says she has mailed my order and I get a compensation refund. 0_o;;;

The question is this, has she really sent it (she claims to have sent it on september 15th)? For the ones who already dealt with her, did you finaly get your order after she said she sent it? Or is she just trying to lead me on and not file claim? 

This is one weird shop, I don't understand why some don't seem to have problems at all, but others get scammed just like that. What's she playing at???

So again, warning for everyone. I wouldn't buy there, even though they have great stuff. -____-


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(no subject) [Aug. 14th, 2007|06:58 pm]

Is it typical to spend $17 shipping for 2 letter sets and a notepad from hong kong?

this seller is actually charging me that much, and i don't know what to do.
i really want the items, but i don't want to pay THAT MUCH for shipping.
i buy stuff overseas all the time, and $17 is the most ridiculous.
i have 100% ebay feedback, and i always pay quickly.

I don't want negative feedback, because i have intention of paying.
But what do you do when you know you're being ripped off?
i've tried to contact ebay, but they don't investigate overpriced shipping items that have already ended.

here is what the total was:

Subtotal: GBP 2.09
Shipping and handling via Sellers Standard International Rate: GBP 8.97 [i did the calculations and this is about $17 for shipping a notepad and 2 lettersets!]
Combined Shipping Discount -GBP 0.00
Shipping insurance:(Optional GBP 1.00)
Seller discounts (-) or charges (+): -GBP 0.45
Seller Total: GBP 10.61 [this is about $21 something, i honestly didn't think shipping would cost more than the actual

like i said, i've bought more things overseas... and i've never been charged this much before.
and since i bidded on 3 items from them, i might get my account suspended if the seller opens a dispute :[
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Don't want to be mean, just curious [Jul. 12th, 2007|11:37 pm]

I bought something from rjs_rummage, maybe 3-4 weeks ago. She emailed me saying she received my payment 3 weeks ago (this is now the third week) and said that she would send my package out last week the latest. I emailed her and she said that she had tried to contact me before but I must not have gotten the email, and then she gave me a story about her personal life and not knowing when she can make it to the post office. I read her feedback and it was pretty good, so I am wondering whether or not I can really trust that she will eventually mail my items out.
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SUGGESTIONS ? OPINIONS ? [Jun. 26th, 2007|01:20 pm]

  I opened my store, and am not really used to an LJ format, so I was hoping to get some feedback ?  Thanks  farfarawayland    for your suggestions already :)   Should I put   stuff like pending orders,  do a promotion or 2 ?     OH  and yes I will trade , just ask  :) 

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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2007|11:27 am]
First name: Elle
Country: USA
Email: an.elfin.girl@gmail.com

is also ashley.... so becareful guys...
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